10 Different Fluid Painting Techniques | Acrylic Pouring Art Compilation no 3

My third Fluid Painting compilation – I’ll show you 10 different pouring techniques in just a few minutes to inspire you to get creative yourself. Very satisfying!

I chose the 10 Fluid Art videos from over 200 videos produced by now they are all very different but not hard to recreate. If it was too fast for you, you can find all the acrylic pourings listed here.
Further down you will find the links to my step by step videos, there I show you my recipes how I mix the colors and what else has to be considered.

Have fun and creative greetings

1: The Five Cups painting –
2: Easy fluid art with only red blue and white –
3: 24 colors in measuring cup –
4: Jungle colors – painting a large canvas with swipe technique –
5: Acrylic pour with the microcells painting technique –
6: The three hole cup acrylic pouring –
7: Acrylic fluid painting with Cardboard –
8: Multi Color Acrylic pour painting with Funnel –
9: Splitting paint technique –
10: How to make a Fluid Art picture – with 4 pieces of Canvas –

The basics – this is what you should know before you start acrylic casting:

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