Acrylic Pour Painting with a Squeeze Bottle

Let’s use a squeeze bottle to paint a picture you’ve never seen before – I promise! You can do that too.

All you need is acrylic paints, some water, a canvas, and an empty bottle with a membrane. I used a ketchup bottle for this.

The idea actually came to me at dinner, there were fries and ketchup – But the bottle was almost empty and if you then press only sprinkles come out of the bottle. The plate did not look good – I liked the speckles but and now you know this new painting technique too 🙂

The acrylic paints I have only diluted with water, which recipe I use for this you can see in this video of mine:

Why do I only fill paint in the lid and leave the bottle empty?
Would I put the acrylic paint in the bottle would come out a jet of color, that would be too much paint. I just want the speckles that spread like a starry sky over the picture.

That’s already the whole secret – have fun with your new artwork!

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