Easy Acrylic Pour Painting Technique – Anyone Can Do It

In this video I show you the simplest acrylic pour painting technique that anyone can do. The result is different than you would expect. Let yourself be surprised!

To try the painting idea yourself, you need a canvas and some diluted acrylic paint – how I do it you can find below in my recommendations.

After you have diluted the acrylic paints, you can pour the colors row by row on the canvas. When all the acrylics are on the canvas, finish with a contrasting color. I chose black, it looks great with white stripes.

This you now pour across to the other colors.
Finally, swing the canvas in a circle. The colors slide over each other and form great gradients. You can see this quite well at the end of the video in the close-up view.

As you can see, it’s really not difficult to paint beautiful fluid works of art. Nevertheless, with amazing result as I find.

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Finally, a few video recommendations from me – My paint recipes and more pouring ideas for even more inspiration.

The Basics

Thinning acrylic paints step by step with Pouring Medium – https://youtu.be/D3HeNcUlFf0
Thinning acrylic paints step by step with water – https://youtu.be/cagHGb0oapo

Fluid Art Painting Ideas

Fluid Art Painting with a Milkshake Cup – https://youtu.be/10CP6zDQFeI
Simple Pour Painting with a Spoon – https://youtu.be/A9mqDM7euHg
Acrylic Pour Painting with a Coffee Filter Holder – https://youtu.be/V7yapZ3Gkf4
The Black Hole Technique – https://youtu.be/EwyucgqKDuE
Fluid Art with a slow hair dryer – https://youtu.be/X8MhDzAnC-8

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