I Comb My Colors | Acrylic Painting With Hair Comb

Today I’m combing 15 colors at once – you should check it out if you’ve never tried it before. I’ve never shown the painting technique like this before. Anyone can do it, you just need some nice acrylic paints and a comb.

The pouring technique can even be used on very large canvases – you just have to be quick so that the acrylic paint doesn’t dry up on you.
With smaller formats, of course, you do not have that.

And it’s as simple as this:

Pour a base layer in the color of your choice on the canvas – I chose white here.
In the second step, you distribute the bright colors, you can make as in my example small puddles but it also works well with stripes.
Now just give a contrasting color on your colorful color patches – I chose black here.

Finally, take your comb and go through all the colors. There is no particular direction, you will intuitively follow the right paths across the canvas.

That’s all there is to it, you can create your own artwork that easily.

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You can see how I prepare my acrylic paints for acrylic pouring in this video:

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