Let 16 Colors Burst đź’Ą Fluid Art Painting with Cold Air Brush

Today we let the colors burst! Boom it does and 16 colors merge into a great liquid work of art. The painting technique is very simple, even absolute beginners can use it to create stunning abstract paintings.

All you need for this fluid painting technique is acrylic paint diluted with water and a little Pouring Medium. The pouring medium ensures that the colors do not crack. Now you need a hair dryer with a cold air setting.
The cold air ensures that the paint does not dry on us so much during processing.

With smaller picture formats it will probably go also with warm air. You should test this beforehand on old canvas or cardboard. Process the paint with the hair dryer for about 10 minutes and see what happens. The 10 minutes it often takes on the later image.

You can of course use any hair dryer for painting that meets the requirements, my model is unfortunately no longer available. This model also has a cold air stage: (Advertising*)

One more tip: There should not be too much paint left on the canvas, otherwise the resulting pattern would run, so keep going over the paint with the hair dryer until no large puddles of paint are visible.

As a result, you get a fascinating abstract-looking fluid painting.

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