Painting with a Triple Paint Bomb Cup – Fluid Art by Tiktus

Today we’re going to paint a picture with a triple Paint-Bomb cup. You wonder what this is? These are smaller mugs that have each been placed inside a larger one. I fixed them in the middle with a little hot glue while I was at it.

And why the whole thing? You could just put the acrylic colors into a cup – that’s true, but with the Paint-Bomb technique you can place them more precisely. This becomes clear in this picture with the yellow and violet colors that are in the smallest of the three cups. If I had just put the two colors at the very bottom of a cup and stacked all the other colors on top, they would spread out more in the area. So you are included as an eye catcher in the overall composition.

My recipe so that the acrylic paints are nice and thin and what else you should pay attention to you can find here in this playlist of mine.

The Basics – Step by Step:

I hope you like the painting idea and if you try it yourself, I wish you lots of fun and fantastic works of art.

If I could inspire you to paint then I’m happy about a thumbs up or a nice comment.

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