Satisfying Acrylic Pour Painting Over a Cooling Grid

It is very satisfying – the liquid acrylic paint flows over a normal cooling grid and a fascinating work of art is created – something new and absolutely unique!

Maybe you have such a cooling grid at home. You can use it to cool your cake – but that would be boring, let’s paint liquid artwork with it!

In the first step I painted the canvas black, you don’t really have to do that. But I am often bothered by the edges and borders that are usually much brighter than the actual surface because there the paint is thinner and the bright canvas shines through.
Now you could simply pre-paint the canvas with a brush as I did at the beginning. But then brush strokes remain in the finished picture so I poured over the canvas. As a result, I now have a smooth black surface.

It is a little more effort and also not mandatory. I like it so but better and the end result is also very satisfying.

For the acrylic paints, I decided to use 9 shades. It goes of course also with less, I like it but if you discover in the picture here and there individual shades that give the whole picture more tension.

And don’t worry the cooling grid can be cleaned easily, so you can use it for more pictures or use it for what it was meant for until now 🙂

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