The Coffee Flow Painting – Acrylic Pouring Abstract Art

Welcome to Coffee-Flow-Painting – experience the big difference in painting if you just put the canvas at an angle.

The fluid-art technique with the coffee filter holder I had already presented to you in some videos each with really great results as I find.

Sometimes with only a few colors or very color-intensive – here you will find the appropriate videos:

Meeting of the Galaxies:
Fluid Art with this thing:
The Collision:
Coffee filter cone and eighteen colors:

The canvas always lay flat on the floor – in this pouring video I simply set the canvas at an angle by placing it higher on one side with a piece of wood.
The paint flows down the canvas during the pouring process. After panning the canvas – this creates completely new abstract-looking images that you can’t achieve with any other pour painting technique!

The beauty of this technique – even Pouring beginners can not go wrong here – so my recommendation to all beginners – just try it, it’s really not hard to make beautiful Fluid Paintings themselves.

My recipe so that the acrylic paints are nice and thin fluid and what else you should pay attention to you can find here in this playlist from me.

The Basics – Step by Step:

I hope you like the painting idea and if you try it yourself, I wish you lots of fun and fantastic artwork.

Creative greetings

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