Turn Your Canvas In Paint And See What Happens [Easy Fluid Art Painting]

You will be surprised how quickly you can paint a color-intensive work of art. Anyone can do it – all you have to do is dip the canvas into the acrylic paint and twist it a bit – and your wow result is ready!

Normally, it takes some practice and also a little talent to conjure up great results with liquid acrylic paints.
With this pouring technique, even beginners can achieve great results. They are so unique that your visitor will be amazed at what you have hanging there beautiful.

What you still need to know is how to get the acrylic paints so beautiful liquid, for this you can look at step by step playlist. Thinning works with Pouring Medium or just with water:

With this pouring technique I recommend you to dilute the acrylic colors with pouring medium before painting. This way the colors are a bit stickier.

As you can see, it is not difficult even for complete beginners to paint great pictures – pictures that are unique and make the world a little more colorful.

I hope you like the painting idea and if you try it yourself, I wish you lots of fun and fantastic works of art.

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