Why do I use tape to paint a fluid art painting?

Learn why I use tape to make a great abstract painting in today’s Fluid art video.

The tape holds my two canvases together – but not permanently – I only need the fixation temporarily until I have poured my acrylic paints on the canvases. Let me surprise you!

If you are new here on my channel and don’t know why the acrylic colors are so fluid then you should subscribe to my channel 🙂 and also watch these two videos of mine – there I show you how I dilute the acrylic colors once with pouring medium and once with water only for best results if you want to pour acrylic yourself.

For acrylic pouring beginners:

Dilute with Pouring Medium – https://youtu.be/D3HeNcUlFf0
Dilute with Water – https://youtu.be/cagHGb0oapo

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Have fun painting yourself.

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